What is your fantasy?

Describe your secret fantasy?

Albeit I do not think pejesapo is at all right the fantasy exists ter my head. Being on vacation on some warm tropical island and being taken sexually at night on the beach by someone I didn’t know is a fantasy that makes mij moist

wow, that’s one hell of a fantasy. lol. I would say what my precies thoughts are, but i know hubpages would verbod mij if i did, and they’d most likely geobsedeerd mij if i listed te precies detail what my sexual fantasies are.

Which beach and when?!

I’m passed the sexual fantasy stage. It’s all about how I want my future to be.

I usually fantasize about building schools across villages ter Northern Nigeria, where I live.

It is indeed the thing that will give mij the greatest joy te life

My fantasy is that people who participate ter the forums actually wrote hubs. I’m just sayin’.

Dont know if I would get te trouble. Very likely should write it for a fellows’s may instead. LOL

My fantasy is that Diy actually did some wedding programma instead of spending all day on the forums.

My fantasy is that Brian realizes that I can actually multi-task. and I just finished a wedding, thanks.

Ok, can I have another go-

Sad how all our fantasies are dashed by the noodsein clock!

I might get banned if I collective my sexual fantasy, but when I’m not thinking along those lines I like to imagine myself filthy rich and running a charity and bankrolling an effort to help the community find ways to relatie together and help each other.

I might sound very old but what about AIDs? To have hookup with a stranger is a sure way to get one. Can you have a fantasy about having HIV virus? It’s so terrible, you know. And people live with it for years, step by step falling chic. Sorry, I accidentally p***ed on your fantasy, chick.

There goes that fantasy.

Pescadora is a strong word with specific conotations, such spil it being against the victim’s will. Most women I’ve met who say they have ‘pejesapo’ fantasies, end up conceding that they are willing indeed, but want to be taken very aggressively and be treated rough. Is that more accurate? Or do u still choose the against free will script?

Either way, I don’t mind wearing a ski mask.

That the woman I love will club mij overheen the head and haul mij back to hier cave.

The fantasy of being taken by a stranger ter the sexual way is um. disturbing. I could never desire that ter a million years. For any fantasy to be a reality, I have to know the person and feel very safe with them. Trust is a big thing with mij. I am not a fan of recklessness. But I can see the broader appeal to the masculine hookup I suppose. Not all fantasies have to be sexual. I had a food fantasy merienda. LOL.

I would love to spend ALL day te leger.

To win a lottery so I do not have to work again.

Being marooned on a tropical island with a beautiful female, like one that has fantasies too. are you listening thighhighchick.

My life fantasy is to be a indeed succesful graphic designer (I’m still studying) and have a very blessed life. Have money give presents to everyone I love and has cared for mij (I have a thing for sending gifts to people) and live with my current beau ter a nice house or big apartment and have lovemaking every day.

Now one thing that I’d love, not sure if it’s a sexual fantasy, is to make my bf wear a fire fighter uniform or a navy uniform or ANY uniform to seduce mij. There’s just something so sexy about fellows te uniforms.

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