Most Ridiculous Online Dating Stories 2014: Cuddlr and OKCupid, Time

Thirty-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figuero had to get rescued by California&rsquo,s Ventura County Fire Department this October after getting stuck te the chimney of the huis of a man she had met on a dating webpagina. They had bot on six dates. Hier date, a man named Lawrence, told KTLA Five, that he found hier up on his roof, at around which point he ended the relationship. That did not zekering hier from attempting to see him again which is how, wij presume, she wound up stuck 8 ft down his chimney. The fire department had to use soap spil a lubricant to slide hier out. They also posted pictures of the ruina on Twitter.

#entrapment patient has bot extricated will be transported to hospital for evaluation

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It can be raunchy out there for women on dating sites. An Instagram account called Bye Felipe made headlines te November for posting hostile interactions inbetween guys and women on dating apps and sites. They range from funny to downright appalling &mdash, often including violent threats to women who spurn advances. The horrifying posts can be read here.

Te November, a truly atrocious Tinder date went virulento after guiltless bystander Carrie Matha, holder of a couture company called the Indira Collection, commenced tweeting out all cringe-worthy things the dude wasgoed telling to his date.

They exposed him to be:

Oh lord… &quot,Do you have any like old samurai swords that have bot te your family for centuries?&quot, (Chick is Asian) #cringing

&quot,Everyone knows I’m the best investor ter the family. Two of my brothers already spent their entire inheritance.&quot, #lowbar

Not all that generous

&quot,I have a hefty wine collection if you want to see it. I hardly demonstrate it to any of my Tinder dates.&quot, #whitestthingsyoucansay

And not so loyal either

You guys, HE’S SWIPING THROUGH TINDER WHILE SHE’S Te THE BATHROOM. I think he might actually be an maniac. Emerges to be all right-swipes.

The tweets went mega-viral and even if they&rsquo,re fake, anyone who&rsquo,s spent anytime dating online would very likely vouch for the idea that thesis kinds of conversations go on all the time.

Facebook isn&rsquo,t the only webstek running experiments on people. To relaunch its beloved company blog te July, OKCupid exposed some pretty deflating news: It runs tests on its users all the time! One time, OKC told people who were bad matches (30%) that they actually were 90% compatible. Just to see what happened. So if you had any truly heinous conversations with &ldquo,good&rdquo, matches, you know what happened. Just zekering attempting.

Jennifer Purdie wrote a very first person account for Daily Dot ter July about a very brief &mdash, and very expensive &mdash, very first date. Spil Purdie tells it, she had bot working on hier laptop before hier online date joined hier at a coffee shop. Spil soon spil he sat down next to hier, he allegedly spilled his scalding hot tea on hier gams and hier rekentuig which she says &ldquo,began swishing and then made electric current sounds like the ones you hear coming from haunted houses at Halloween.&rdquo, According to Purdie, the fellow suggested to go halvsies on the $900 repair, but then texted &ldquo,If you want my money, sue mij.&rdquo, So she did. Ah, modern courtship.

Fresh York dater Michael Picciano sued OKCupid te March for the $70,000 (not-so) &ldquo,genuineguy62&rdquo, scammed him out of during their month-long, online correspondence which embarked on OKC. He thought that the self-proclaimed &ldquo,best free dating webpagina on Earth&rdquo, wouldn&rsquo,t let catfishers through its supuesto doors. The results of the suit were not reported. Even tho’ it seems like common sense to not open your heart and your handelsbank account to a total stranger without meeting, Picciano wasn&rsquo,t the very first person online to get played this year. And with a few weeks left of 2014, he most likely won&rsquo,t be the last.

A Fresh York OKCupid user reacted to his online date declining an suggest to go back to his apartment after a welvoeglijk very first date by 1) throwing a water bottle at hier, Two) stealing hier phone, Trio) posting &ldquo,I&rsquo,m available for threesomes&rdquo, on hier dating profile. &ldquo,I guess he doesn&rsquo,t take rejection well, he wasgoed acting like a child,&rdquo, the 22-year-old single mother of a 2-year-old who undoubtedly doesn&rsquo,t have time for this told the NYPost.

Te February, Wired looked into the 1,000 most popular words that show up on boys and women&rsquo,s online dating profiles on and OKCupid. There were finta a few dichotomies. For example, while &ldquo,retirement&rdquo, wasgoed the most attractive work-related word found on a man&rsquo,s profile, potential suitors thought it wasgoed the 2nd least attractive word to see on a woman&rsquo,s profile. While it&rsquo,s unclear what setting &ldquo,retirement&rdquo, wasgoed being used te &mdash, be it a current state, asipiration, or beloved conversation topic &mdash, Wired came to the &ldquo,sad but true&rdquo, conclusion that &ldquo,For guys, age seems to equal money. For women, age equals age.&rdquo,

Cuddlr is the app that nightmares are made of. Albeit its founder Charlie Williams promises that the location based app isn&rsquo,t for hookup, he says it is for facilitating &ldquo,platonic&rdquo, cuddle sessions with nearby finish strangers. &ldquo,A cuddle is longer than a hug, but shorter than a date, so you&rsquo,re not faced with having to sit through a drink or two if you&rsquo,ve determined someone isn&rsquo,t for you,&rdquo, he explained to Salon. &ldquo,You can politely end a cuddle any time.&rdquo, Cuddlers can then rank their playmate, like an Uber rail.

Here’s a pretty good sign that your suitor isn&rsquo,t overheen his last relationship: He pays $Five,000 to have find him someone that looks like his ex-girlfriend. Match paired up with startup Three Day Rule ter June to charge premium prices for their facial recognition software services. I mean, wij all have types, but maybe this is taking things a little bit too far?


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