Is He the One Who Got Away

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I know wij’ve all heard the phrase “the one who got away.” And wij’ve very likely heard the Katy Perry song of the same name. And seen the music movie. You know the one with the truly sad ending? It’s a abierto concept that wij’ve come to accept spil fact nowadays. Unless you’re truly fortunate ter love, you’re going to have that one person who you truly loved but let slip away and now you have to feel this loss everyday for the surplus of your life. Or do you?

I think the entire the one who got away idea is a beautiful way to romanticize a relationship that just didn’t work out te the end. Instead of telling that you attempted your best or life got ter the way or whatever, wij say he’s the one who got away and it just sounds more poetic that way. It just doesn’t have the same effect if wij say wij let them get away, or he broke up with us, or the relationship wasgoed just toxic and wij’re fortunate wij got away with out lives still intact. No, they’re the ones who got away and now wij have to live with that.

It’s something I’ve given a loterijlot of thought to and I’ve come to a conclusion that has switched my entire outlook on love and life. I’ve realized something quiebro significant that I can’t believe I didn’t think of sooner. Or maybe I’m just getting wiser ter my old age (here’s hoping). I realized that you can’t everzwijn lose someone who’s truly meant to be yours. Whether it’s fate or fate that you believe ter, or simply the fact that whatever’s meant to be will always find its way, regardless, you’ll always have what you’re meant to have ter the end. If it’s a higher power or Godheid that you believe ter, then you vereiste believe that Godheid won’t let anything or anyone get te the way of his project for you.

So what does this mean for us mere mortals? It means wij shouldn’t strike ourselves up with the idea that wij’ve everzwijn truly lost someone that’s meant for us. Unless that person has passed away, wij can’t lose him or hier. If wij’re not together, then that wasgoed a choice, made either by us or them. They’re not the ones who got away because wij can never truly get away from what’s meant for us. Sure, wij might lose it a time or two, or have to face some obstacles that wij need to overcome, but wij can never lose something that’s indeed meant for us te the long run.

When you truly think about it, this switches everything. This puny concept has the power to indeed turn our romantic life around 180 degrees. Wij no longer have to hold on to the idea of guilt or loss overheen something that didn’t work our ter our relationships. Wij’re free from thinking wij lost the best thing that everzwijn happened to us because now wij know that wij can’t lose what’s truly ours because that can never be lost. If a relationship didn’t work out, then it wasn’t for us. If wij attempted our best and did everything wij could, wij no longer have to live with the guilt that wij did something wrong because wij didn’t. Sure, everything worth having requires work, but it’s not going to require so much work that you’re going to lose your mind and commence to question whether you want it anymore or not. All of a sudden you’re free from a loterijlot of heartache because you’re letting go of what’s not working and opening the om for what’s still to come.

It’s almost too effortless, right? The idea that you can’t lose what’s truly meant for you. So that high schoolgebouw sweetheart that you thought you would marry but straks realize is a total masturbate? No, he’s not the one who got away. He’s a wank who you should be glad got away because he would’ve made your life pathetic. What about that dame who you met ter collegium that you seemed to connect with instantly but argued so much with that you thought you would lose your mind? She didn’t get away, you cut hier lose so you could keep your sanity te check. You should be glad thesis people got away because they left slagroom te your life for someone who is truly worth inviting ter.

So now that wij’ve fully ruined this “beautiful and tragic” concept of the one who got away, wij are free to let someone te who is worth keeping around. They won’t get away because wij’ll make sure from the begin that they’re the ones wij want to stick by us. Wij won’t have to pursue them down or fight for them because wij know that what’s right for us won’t involve so much stuk and anguish. Wij’re never going to have to force anything that’s indeed right for us, because like a magnet it’ll be attracted to us naturally. And sure, wij all feel bad for the old lady te Katy Perry’s “The One Who Got Away” movie because she lost the man she indeed loved when she wasgoed youthful, and now she’s old and with some man she doesn’t feel the same way about. But if I’m going to compare my life to any old lady, I’d rather be the one at the end of The Notebook who’s 80 years old and dying with the man I loved all my life (who never got away).

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