Curtis Braly Wants You to Know&mdash,&quot,You Matter&quot, An vraaggesprek with country music starlet Curtis Braly.

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Pursuing the Past: Chapter Two, Part 1

Chapter Two of a historical romance. Janie and Matthew get to know each other a little better and fight their attraction for one another. Janie shows hier fiesty side.

She’s a Wild Child

She’s not stubborn, she just knows what she wants. Stubborn and untamed. Always switching, yet somehow the same.

The Dos and Don’ts of Drive Thru Etiquette

A humorous look at what not to do ter a drive thru.

Because You Care

When passion and emotion collide.

Wij Think Wij Have Time

I recently had a rather profound practice that caused mij to merienda again contemplate life and time.

To the One Who Told Mij to Zekering Dreaming (And to Anyone Else Thinking of Quitting)

To borrow a line from Kipling, if you can fantasy and not make fantasies your master. . .Well, what then? I say then you live. Desires were not my master. Something else wasgoed. Many something else’s were.

Schepper and My Girlfriends

A brief story based on a true story about Aker and a duo of girlfriends.

Stripped Down

A depiction of feeling particularly frágil.

Pursuing the Past: Chapter 1, Part Two

Matthew can’t confront his demons yet and he finds himself attracted to the woman who attempted to seduce him for unknown reasons.

Pursuing the Past: Chapter 1, Part 1

An intro to a historical romance set te 1870 Abilene, Kansas. Janie attempts to seduce a cowboy ter order to get out of town.

Meet Jagertown: Rockin’ Country Verhouding from Salt Lake City

Nick Hickman Releases &quot,Let Em Speak&quot, and Discusses His Inerme Side

Check out Nick Hickman’s latest work and learn more about him spil he opens up ter this vraaggesprek.

Camille Rae Releasing Fan Dearest Spil Next Single

Camille Rae is set to release hier fresh single &quot,I Need Mij&quot, to country radiodifusión. Find out when to listen for it here.

Curtis Braly Wants You to Know&mdash,&quot,You Matter&quot,

An vraaggesprek with country music strak Curtis Braly.

Talented, Ambitious &quot,But I Want You&quot, Singer Camille Rae Shares Hier Drive to Succeed

Independent country music artist Camille Rae knows what she wants and she’s going for it. She tells us all about it ter this vraaggesprek.

Take That Mountain

My response to our friend Bill&quot,s (billybuc) latest challenge to write a brief story using three photographs he provided.

Switch Starts Within: Channel Your Anger and Zekering the Hate

Two extremes: Turn a vensterluik eye or get angry. Somewhere inbetween is where switch happens, when it is not so politicized and comes from within the heart of everyone attempting to make a difference.

What It’s Like to Practice Alzheimer’s: A Supuesto Dementia Tour

A aparente dementia tour stimulates the conditions of someone suffering from dementia so that others can better understand some of the reasons for the strange behaviors. It also promotes more empathy.

The Fight of Poverty

Are those living ter poverty truly too lazy to work? Do they indeed want to live that way? Most te that situation would response with an empatic NO!

The Legend of the Pink Bluebonnets

Texas is a state rich ter both pride and history. Bluebonnets are one of the prides and the legends about them are steeped te history.

The Five Love Languages: Better Love and Understand Those You Love

Sometimes it is not anything tangible, but an act that communicates love best. Take that into consideration when providing from the heart to a loved one. Also, recognize why love suggested may not be felt.

Nashville Recording Artist Amy Rose Set to Release &quot,One of Thesis Days&quot,

Canadian country singer Amy Rose talks about hier upcoming single, &quot,One of Thesis Days&quot, and shares a little about hier career at present.

Things You Should Never Say To a Cashier

What’s the 4011? Well, avoid telling thesis things so your cashier doesn’t secretly fry your brain with laser eyes, even if it is only imaginary.

Display Up Naked and Bring Teddybeer

Got your attention? Yeah, &quot,Demonstrate Up Naked and Bring Fecali&quot, got mine too. It’s the title to Amy Rose’s fresh single, and I have a review of the song, plus an introduction to Amy Rose.

What Are Micro-Messages and How Can You Benefit from Being Aware of Them?

What are micro-messages? Puny, subtle, and often covert messages that may or may not convey the same message spil the contemporáneo words used. Learning more about them will aid with better communication.

The Woman on the Mountaintop (My Response to Bill’s Challenge)

Something unexpected from mij: flash fiction spil my response to billybuc’s writing challenge, issued here on HP.

A Non-Traditional Halloween Play List

Music movies and songs that have a decidedly creepy hacedor to them. They aren’t what typically comes to mind for a Halloween playlist, however.

Things Not to Say to a Native Texan

Some things just should not be said to a native Texan.

Things a Woman Never Wants to Hear on the Very first Few Dates

A humorous look at things that should never be said to a woman while getting to know hier.

A Mission of Love and Literally Dreaming the Future

A hub about love and hope despite life circumstances. Faith perseveres and Aker never fails.

To Be Like Everyone Else or Not To Be

There indeed are good reasons not be like everyone else. Sometimes, tho’, one can be stubborn enough to be like everyone else, rather than to be different, and the results may not be pretty.

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