Cocky&Funny Opener I – David DeAngelo, PUA, Allurement Tips, Pickup Routines

After eye voeling/ AI:

&quot,Don’t just look at mij and keep walking! I’m not just a chunk of meat you know! I have feelings too! Zekering and talk to mij&hellip,&quot,

&quot, Don’t waste all that good eye voeling! Zekering and talk to mij.&quot,

(you say Hi, she says Hi back but keeps moving) &quot, Don’t let a friendly HI go to waste! Zekering and talk to mij.&quot,

&quot,Shall wij talk or proceed flirting from a distance?&quot,

(Catching hier looking) &quot,Hi, I just couldn’t help noticing you&hellip,(pause). STARING at mij!&quot, (let bury te) &quot, Do you always maintain such strong eye voeling? Or only with guys like mij that you can’t help it with?&quot,

Women’s weird styles are effortless targets for cocky & funny openers/ comments.

For slit skirts or pants:

&quot,You POOR THING! Your pants/ skirt is all ripped up the side/ back!! You look like you were attacked by a Yorkie! Come on, wij gotta get you fresh clothes!&quot, (grab arm) &quot,The Salvation

Army is this way&hellip,&quot, (Acting bitchy?) &quot,Or maybe you need a rabies slok! Look how mean you’re getting!&quot, (denies) &quot,Ok, well if I see you commence foaming at the mouth I’m calling an ziekenwagen&quot.

&quot,I’ll bet you only clean-shaved one gam to wear that skirt&hellip,or did you trim both gams? Prove it! Is your other gam spil sexy spil this one?&quot, (Get hier to let you feel/ caress other gam to make sure it’s hairless)

For one-sided waterreservoir tops or one-sided long-sleeve tops:

&quot,You POOR THING! You’re too poor to afford the Utter T-shirt! Do you want a dollar or something? Wij gotta get you a auténtico T-shirt! Come on I’m taking you shopping at Wal-Mart&quot, (grab arm)

For one-sided long-sleeve tops:

&quot,Oh my Godheid! Your T-shirt is missing a sleeve. It looks like you were taken down by a police dog!&quot,

For Von Dutch-style trucker caps:

&quot,Hey, I like your hat&hellip,Let mij guess, you’re a long-haul trucker.&quot, For footwear:

&quot,Those are some pretty tall footwear. You voorwaarde be like what, Four foot 7 without them?&quot,

&quot,Hey, those are nice footwear. (pause) Some homeless kid voorwaarde be running around barefoot right now!&quot,

For animal print clothes:

&quot,Hey, do you know how many (leopards/ tigers/ etc) had to diegene for that (T-shirt/ skirt/ etc)?? The animal rights people will have your bootie.&quot, For a woman wearing leather skirt or high boots:

&quot,You’re wearing a leather skirt/ boots! Some POOR cow had to diegene so you could demonstrate off your gams!&quot,

&quot, Those are some pretty earrings. I didn’t know fucktoy stores sold earrings like that!&quot,

&quot, What a lovely stadionring (or see or whatever)! Did you get that with the kids meal at McDonalds?&quot,

&quot,Wow, that’s a thick purse. You don’t have some little dog named Precious te there, do you?&quot,

&quot,So what’s with the big purse, are you carrying a gun te there?&quot,

(After agricultura day, and she’s wearing white) &quot,Hey, you’re not supposed to wear white after Trabajo Day! I’m gonna call the style police on you! What’s your name, I’m gonna report you right now.&quot, (if she resists) &quot,Come on, what’s your name? You can’t run from the law, sooner or zometeen they’ll catch you.&quot, (zometeen) Well you better go see the style police anyway, you know, do the right thing and turn yourself ter. Just don’t vertoning up te bell-bottoms, you’ll get more charges laid against you.&quot,

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