AUTOMATION – How it – s Switched Everyday Life

Automation switching Everyday Lives

Man is still the most extreme laptop of all – John F. Kennedy.

It went from vinyl records to CD – the very first record player wasgoed invented ter 1870. Wij progressed from there to the portable radiodifusión/CD player and then on to the era of private music and the Cascos.

The Cascos could hold 15 songs at best, and now wij have the iPod, the largest specimen capable of holding 30 000 songs!

How wij find our way around.

  • Wij can Fly – it takes around 8 hours to fly 7000 kilometers. Thank you to the three-axis control system and a movable rudder the Wright Brothers invented te 1902.
  • Wij can Drive : The very first modern car wasgoed attributed to Karl Benz ter 1886, if wij are talking about any voertuig capable of propelling itself, wij have about 439 years of car history.
  • Train: ter 1765 James Watt invented the very first pressurized steam engine, a vast improvement on Thomas Newcomen steam engine of 1712.
  • The Industrial Revolution is possibly the greatest switch overheen the shortest period te history, which wasgoed carried forward by the steam engine.
  • Most power plants ter the world today generate electrical play using steam turbines, whether the steam is heated by searing coal, natural gas or a nuclear reactor.

Communication Redefined

  • Cellular communication has revolutionised the communication industry. Letters have become uncommon, spil emails and cell phone messages become the easiest means to connect.
  • Satellite Technology. Satellite TV and satellite radiodifusión have eased the broadcasting of events across the globe. Communication to ships and airplanes wouldn’t have bot possible if not for satellites.
  • Te 1454, Johannes Gutenberg constructed a printing press which could print repeatedly onto paper. The introduction of computers te the 1950’s revolutionized printing and the process is now mostly substituted by digital gegevens. Modern printing presses ter our homes and offices are called printers.
  • The GPS wasgoed developed te 1978, with the help of around 32 satellites. Now every one may own a GPS device ter cars or use an App on their clever phone.


The US Defense very first used a service called ARPANET ter the 1960, the Tim Berner Lee invented the World Broad Web te 1989, which shrank the world. Computers have switched our lives ter so many ways, from landing on the moon to browsing the web, along with 1,7 billion other people.

It is hard to think of any facet of life that has not bot improved by computers. They are able to make complicated mathematical calculations at an incredible speed, and when operated under the instruction of skilled programmers they can accomplish incredible feats.


The postbode office sent significant documents or private mail around the world, and you could wait days for it to arrive at its destination. Nowadays, formal communications can be sent to a recipient on the other side of the world ter minutes.

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