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About a year ago I signed up for a free online dating webpagina called Slew of Fish, also known spil POF. While searching through the profiles that all women age 20 – 36 within the greater Los Angeles area made for themselves, I commenced to notice an alarming number of similarities or recuring themes. The following is my list of peeves.

Everybody likes music, and kunst, and traveling, and the outdoors, and sunshine, and having joy. Thesis are not things that give any insight spil to who you are spil an individual. I wouldn’t even truly describe them spil interests but more just standard features that come with any human being. It’d be like shopping for a used car and coming across an ad that says “Great voertuig, runs on gasoline, tires are round, has matter and density.” I still don’t know the make, monster, year, milage, accident history, pony power etc. If anything I view the vaugness spil a trapje into buying a lemon.

A lotsbestemming of ladies can’t determine on what they are. “I’m timid but I can also be very outgoing.” “I’m just a jeans and t-shirt kinda lady that loves to get dressed up and go out too.” “I’m a realist but I have a bit of a hopeless romantic side. . .” When packing out your “about me” section you should use a “Which of the following best describes mij?” treatment. Like an SAT question, choose the letterteken that best answers the problem, don’t pack te every bubble.

Some damsels like to pick out one non-airhead thing they do and then call themselves a nerd. The degree they give themselves can vary from: utter on nerd, half nerd, a bit of a nerd. It’s always juxtaposed with some characteristic indicating that they are still attractive. For example: “I’m a nerd that likes to play scrabble and do crossword puzzles, but I also love doing girly things like getting my hair and pulverizes done. . so I guess that makes mij 1/Two nerd and 1/Two beauty. . . .” For the record, the occasional houtvezelplaat spel does not qualify you spil a nerd, or spil you are truly attempting to imply, wise. This would be like mij playing a spel of Pony and then calling myself a jock.

A jackass? There is nothing nice about having your friend write your profile for you. You are not being modest you are being pathetic. Thesis always end up reading like a eulogy ter the present tense. “Sarah is a joy loving, good spirited person who can always waterput a smile on everyones face.”

Many women think they are being clever by making one word lists of arbitrary things they like. It usually comes te the format of : trivial, trivial, trivial, serious (repeat) . . . Might look something like this: “I love rainy days, pringles, blue jeans, my family, Leonardo Di Caprio movies, orange tic tacs, diet pepsi, feeding the homeless . . . ”

Hier taste is far more sophisticated than yours. She would list hier beloved bands but you’ve very likely never heard of them. She’s looking for a man that can go on long rhetorical rants about how fucked up the system is. Spil Adam Carolla would say “You can tell she is artistic and creative because she has kunst that other people created tattooed on herself.”

I have come up with an effortless way to find out who the fattest super-bitch is ter a group of women without running the risk of contracting herpes. It’s whoever uses the word “slut” the most often. This algorithm can be applied to many other things. You feeling the need to address the punt of not wanting “drama” or “bullshit” leads mij to believe that you are te fact a schouwspel queen total of bull fucking shit.

Does not need to be te all the pictures you postbode on your dating profile. This is essentially shooting yourself ter the foot. Your caption could say “Thats mij on the left, next to the damsel that looks like she could be a monster.” Beauty is relative and when guys see a 6 standing next to an 8 wij’re going to go with the 8. Find yourself some uglier friends to take pictures with or learn how to work a little photoshop magic.

Ten . All the aforementioned ladies that never wrote mij back!

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