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How can you tell if you have bot blocked?

Rachael S asked on Jul 20,

How long does the Fresh status stay on a profile?

Mic asked on Jul 17,

So I have a connection with this boy and now he is not on my connection list anymore. But he is on my message and u can still send him message does it mean he blocked mij?

Bella asked on Jul 16,

Very likely not. Zoosk control and maestro everything on that webpagina.You will find that they are not forwarding your messages. I had a similar problem where ladies were messaging mij, but when I messaged them back they did not receive it. Its all about money and getting people to do more Upgrades. Regards R.J.

R.J. replied on Jul Eighteen,

I had bot getting views. So I messaged hier. Then next time she view mij I kasstuk liquidate view ON ACCIDENT lol. Will I still get notifications on hier future views ?

Rockyapollo asked on Jul 14,

Yes, you just eliminated that one view.

Amy S replied on Jul 16,

What does it mean if there’s a white dot on a zoosk profile?

LLL asked on Jul 13,

I’m not getting notifications sound or on screen my iPhone 7s. I’ve attempted everything. Any help?

Rwb asked on Jul 08,

I went through my list of views and determined to delete some (without looking at their profile). I then noticed that several of them viewed mij shortly afterwards. I repeated this today and the same thing happened. According to an reaction on the 24th June the profile needs to be read to make a person aware that you have viewed them. Gladly explain what happened?

Lizzieb06 asked on Jul 04,

How do I eliminate movies and music from the bottom of my profile?

Mateo asked on Jul 04,

I recently connected with someone one on carousel and wij’ve had communication outside of zoosk he is still te my connections list so why did he demonstrate up ter my carousel again could it be because he took mij off of his connections or what could possibly why he demonstrated up again.

Trish S asked on Jul 02,

How do I know if someone has read their msg?

Connie M asked on Jul 02,

Why I can’t see whose online? This toebijten one day ago.

Nosey asked on Jun 29,

How do I see archived messages it wasgoed an accident to archive it?

Jess asked on Jun 29,

How do I unarchive someone?

Jess asked on Jun 29,

When u click to see photos, why is there a crimson heart moving n photos wont showcase?

flowergirl asked on Jun 28,

If someone hides can you see them ter the viewed mij or can they still see you te the viewed mij?

Rita P asked on Jun 25,

Why is a crimson heart displaying instead of d photo of a person

flowergirl replied on Jun 28,

Hi rita please to response your questions if someone hides you than he can see you but you’ll be incapable to know or see them at all

Sharon replied on Jun 28,

Why is someone getting an error message every time they attempt and message mij?

None asked on Jun 25,

When it says a person viewed mij, does that mean she clicked on and looked at my profile, or does it mean I just showcased up ter hier list of people that at one time viewed hier, and she wasgoed just scrolling through that without specifically viewing mij?

Hi friend that means she clicked on your profile and viewed to your profile thanks and good luck for your search.

Sharon replied on Jun 28,

How come to m not recieving messages?

Mannix asked on Jun 17,

I replied to A message but when I go back into conversations it does not vertoning the message I sent. Does that mean my message wasgoed never sent?

pbesquire asked on Jun 15,

How do I know if someone viewed mij?

Mehgon asked on Jun 15,

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