What Ter The World: Using Curiosity To Improve Your Writing

My closest friends and family know that I’m continually collecting information and writing notes. While primarily they may find this habit baffling, they soon understand I’m taking notes because I vereiste. Spil an exceptionally visual learner, I record fleeting thoughts and details to ensure I’m able to write about thesis matters zometeen. While many of my notes, especially those with phrases I hope to use te a timed writing, don’t come to fruition, collecting them remains a onveranderlijk of my writing life.

Which of thesis subjects interests you the most?

Yet I couldn’t spil lightly collect information if I wasn’t naturally nosey about my environment. For example, if I see someone te Idaho wearing a Harvard tee-shirt, my very first thought may be, “Did they attend Harvard? Are they from the East Coast? If so, why are they te Idaho?” Another example when my curiosity instantaneously mushroomed wasgoed when I eyed a bouquet of fake flowers ter the back window of someone’s car. Instantly I wished to know if the possessor knew thesis were there, or if they needed to be delivered to a cemetery. Or, heaven help us, they were stolen from a cemetery.

For the past year I’ve collected information about stootrand stickers on vehicles te my town. Spil someone whose voertuig doesn’t have any stootrand stickers, I’m intrigued by the thought process involved te determining to affix a stootrand sticker which reads “I Am Canadian” or “Trees Are The Answer” to your voertuig. Akin to those with tattoos, I want to understand the motivation and story behind the acquisition of something not lightly liquidated.

Perhaps because, spil a writer, I’m habitual to deleting whatever words and phrases I don’t like, the idea of permanence at the same time horrifies and fascinates mij. I wonder why people agree to get married after dating a brief while, or how they determine to name their children after the most unlikely things, places, and objects.

Curiosity is one way to tegenstoot any tendencies to judge those who act other than I might wish. Asking “Why did you do that?” instead of thinking, “You most likely shouldn’t have done that” puts mij te a more open framework of mind. Also, I’m often astonished by people’s answers. If I’ve learned anything by asking people—whether strangers, friends, or family—questions is they’ll often suggest blunt and potentially delicado answers. A woman I scarcely knew even confessed to mij how she didn’t get married because she thought she had too much baggage. This concession wasgoed partly possible because of my open-minded, inquisitive attitude.

One of the benefits of being nosey is it gives you permission to explore ideas and characters. For example, if your character is about to begin collegium, you can ask yourself whether or not this character is relaxed to be done with high schoolgebouw. You may also wonder if this character even wants to attend collegium or is merely doing so to appease someone else. I find it useful to consider what my characters are afraid of, spil this often gives superb insight into the “why” behind their deeds.

Gratefully, a desire to know more benefits your life spil a entire and not simply your creative efforts. Being nosey about ideas, people, and your surroundings infuses wonder and anticipation into otherwise ordinary moments. My desire to know more about people is why I peek inwards their refrigerators. This doesn’t tell mij everything about them, nonetheless, it’s worth noting if they have an orderly, mostly empty, or utter fridge. I also notice the decorations te whatever homes I visit because this can help mij better understand who lives te this space. Te homes where there are no individual pictures I often feel bereft and confused, it’s spil if the huis seems less occupied and sterile. Then again, the abundance of individual pictures displayed te my apartment voorwaarde seem overdone to those who choose a minimalistic treatment.

Hearing another language sung is another way to be nosey about your world.

Being nosey is one way I prevent long interludes of boredom and apathy. If I’m feeling spil if “there’s nothing fresh under the zon,” this is my warning signal to observe Icelandic women singing hymns online or otherwise find a way to rekindle my rente ter the world.

It’s difficult and likely unlikely to be nosey about everything. Or, to waterput it another way, to instantaneously investigate every subject which warrants your attention. When this happens, I place thesis subjects on the backburner to explore zometeen. How you keep track of this information depends on your organizational preferences and needs. I own books which rente mij, and having visual reminders of what I hope to eventually learn is reassuring. Another person, te tegenstelling, may choose to have a set of webstek linksaf.

Looking beyond surface appearances is another way being nosey improves my writing. For example, I’ll look beyond the superficial things I know about a character—such spil their name, age, and where they are from—into their fears, ambitions, and secrets. Knowing a character’s secrets, regardless if this information translates directly onto the pagina, is essential. Secrets can compel us to create alter egos or pretend to be someone wij aren’t. They can also create areas of intense shame when a similar secret is discovered about another person. Thesis moments are provocative because the character vereiste choose inbetween continuing to hide or confessing their fights. Thesis crossroads ter our lives—the choices wij could make, but choose not to—are worth examining. Even if you don’t write extensively about the turning points te your characters’ lives, learning about them and asking “why did they determine not to pursue an kunst degree or marry Stewart or stir to California?” helps you get a better sense of who this character is inwards and out.

Eventually, the prizes of curiosity is enhanced rente ter your world. By no means do you have to be nosey about everything. This isn’t about observing every stranger you pass and asking yourself about their motivations, fights, and triumphs. Nonetheless, being able to treatment your world with an attitude of wanting to know more and dig deeper is valuable. Trust mij. Curiosity has bot my faithful companion, one which has infrequently failed to improve my writing and overall quality of life.

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