They drove hier to a jumpy breakdown People may hate you for a character you may have played or portrayed They may despise you for whatever reason.

There are good, bad, and ugly sides to every business, no more so than the entertainment industry, and being a famous person.

Fames not always so fascinating

Being Famous

You will always pay a price for being famous, and the more famous you are, the higher the price you’ll have to pay especially for privacy and security. When you become famous, an overnight sensation and thrust into the limelight, you end up ter a giant fish cup. This can be fairly daunting especially without the advice of a professional, so being a successful starlet, you’ll need to treat lots of pressure.

Merienda famous, you’ll need to employ dozens of people from an tuut, manager, security, financial advisers, to media experts, makeup artists and stylists, all hoping they’re trustworthy and acting ter your best interests.

Former Snatch Cat Dolls Melody Thornton, said “when I embarked out, I wasgoed youthfull and inexperienced. The industry is total of Sharks and Wolves te Sheep’s clothing”.

Merienda you’re famous, the celebrity lifestyle is awesome. People looking up to you. Touching shoulders with the rich and famous, crimson carpet events, designer cloths, flash cars, jewellery, and affording any and everything you desire, power beyond your wildest fantasies. Yet most famous people would throw away their celebrity/famous lifestyle purely for a peaceful and private life.

While being famous can permit you to fulfil your wishes, there will be times you won’t be able to leave your huis. Your cars, homes and phones may be bugged. Tracking devices hidden te vehicles. Drones and helicopters following your every stir. Being followed 24/7 by the press / paparazzi, aka papps, spil well spil the militar public and obsessive ventilatoren. Continually being pestered for autographs and selfies while pretending you don’t mind eventually takes its toll.

Famous people need those big houses. To gezond a cinema, bowling alley, basket ball and tennis courts, even swimming pools because they’re incapable to visit public facility’s te fear of unwanted attention and to protect family and friends from being pestered all the time when te public socialising. Then the more famous you became, the homes get fatter, the walls become higher, and the more reclusive you’ll have to be. You may have to stir abroad. Most famous people do and travel ter disguise ter wigs. Railing a moped and motorbikes are very popular among the famous for getting from A-Z while keeping anonymous.

Movie: Justin Bieber being deliberately harassed by a paparazzi

Your every stir is scrutinised by the media – The Paparazzi

The Paparazzi will always be there to go after your rise, and sometimes fall from grace. The catch 22, you need them, just spil much spil they need you. At very first, it’s very arousing. Being followed and photographed. Witnessing your pictures ter all the newspapers and magazines. The endless radiodifusi√≥n and television interviews. Being a celebrity guest on top talk shows, everyone wanting a chunk of you.

Some papps will deliberately aggravate and annoy you to make you snap. This would make a better story and of course, give them the chance to earn hundreds and thousands of pounds for an off the hook picture (the money slok) and story, unluckily, some celebs take the bait and fight back spil shown ter some of the movies on this pagina, and trust mij, when they take your picture, they’re not always looking for the most flattering shots. They say, “when you dance with the demon, prepare to pay the price”.

Tulisa from the speelgoedpop group N-Dubz wasgoed on the receiving end of a tabloid nibble after they attempted “stitching hier up” spil a cocaine dealer and liedje ter court.

The need to stir with all your family to a more secure place to avoid the photographers and other strangers who’ll be right up-in-your-face, hiding behind bushes following and documenting your every stir. Very scary for anyone especially youthfull starlets. To have dozens of grown guys loitering outside wherever you are 24/7, day and night, to the early hours of the morning, all antsy and desperate to take your picture and you have to smile, be polite, because you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the paparazzi. Don’t leave behind the obsessed, crazy ventilatoren who are also on your tail.

Princess Diana wasgoed one of the most famous and photographed women te the World

Princess Diana wasgoed continually and continuously harassed by the papps. She merienda held a press conference to vent hier frustration with them by telling, “I wasgoed not aware of how staggering that attention would become, strafgevangenis the extent to which it would affect both my public duties, and my private life, ter a manner that’s bot hard to bear”. Ter a candid vraaggesprek, Prince William told how they “chased hier, called hier names, and spat at hier to get a reaction”. He said they were like “a pack of dogs“. The papps pursued hier to hier death te a Paris voetgangerstunnel crash. They were still taking photos of hier while she lay dying ter the crumpled wreck of the crashed Mercedes.

Princess Diana

Hier brother Earl Spencer accused the press of being “directly responsible for hier death”, telling, “I always believe the press would kill hier ter the end. “Every proprietor and editor of every publication that has paid for intrusive and exploited photographs of hier have blood on their mitts”. He also said, “They killed the golden Goose which laid their golden eggs.”

Movie: Britney Spears numerous problems with the paparazzi. They drove hier to a jumpy breakdown

People may hate you for a character you may have played or portrayed

They may despise you for whatever reason. While many ventilatoren will love and adore you, some will hate you. Social media haters trolling you.

Some will go through the trash bins hoping to find anything which has a famous persons DNA or hair on it. Or they’re looking for private papers or hand-written notes which could be valuable on auction sites. Te the beginning it’s joy and arousing, but spil the years go by, it becomes a never-ending security nightmare.

Food for thought. When visiting restaurants, staying te hotels, or ordering take-outs, who knows what the employees and chefs will do to your food, especially if they hate you for a character you played, or they just don’t like you. It’s happened and will proceed to toebijten.

Movie: Beyonce talks candidly to Piers Morgan about hier pros and cons of being famous

Finding people to trust will be difficult

You’ll soon know who your true friends are. at a price. Plus, finding true love will get tighter. Will they love you for who you are, or your celebrity status? Merienda you’re famous, your celebrity status will rise and fall. Take a look at those who’ve achieved the ‘A’ List before they druppel to the ‘Z’ List. They’re always attempting to get back on the A List again. Others get there via hookup and drug scandals, hook-up tapes leaked on the Internet, appearing on every reality showcase, or by fighting with other celebs or the paparazzi. Anything for the attention-press exposure to get more work.

Merienda you’re famous, all the secrets you thought were hidden ter the plee are exposed by those who know you. They will sell-you-out, everyone has a price and the press will pay it for the truth. You could end up te magazines titled, “celebrities exposed”, “when celebrities go horribly wrong”, and “celebrity secrets exposed” so be careful who you trust. You want to be rich and famous, not rich and shameless.

Any tweets or Facebook posts you’ve made te the past that are racists or homophobic will be exposed which could bring you down, so delete them now. Be cautious of what you say-and-do te pui of friends (frenemies), who may secretly record your conversation you’ve made which may come back to bite and haunt you. Blackmail still exists.

It’s getting tighter for famous people to have any privacy thesis days. Practically everyone carries a video-recorder (mobile phone ) which can capture your every budge. Either on holiday or staying at a hotel, people will invade your space you think is private. Your activities and location exposed and posted on social network sites, or even streamed live via various movie streaming apps and websites. It truly will be hard to take time-out.

Movie: Ten Celebrities Who Hate Being Famous

Final thoughts

Most famous people will have other abilities, jobs or a business. They know that fame can last for just 15 minutes. When someone famous does something very bad, no-one will want to work with them. Celebrity endorsements (a nice earner) from branded companies will cease. Radiodifusi√≥n stations will zekering playing their songs. TV station will zekering airing anything they’ve bot ter. Income and any royalties will zekering. How will they keep up that expensive lifestyle?

When you’re famous you never know what’s around the corner. Drug and pimple problems have ruined many a career. Falling out with a manager, work colleagues, or band-mates. An injury could ruin your acting, singing or sports career. You could lose your voice, your marbles. Get fed up with the paparazzi attention, or tire from the entire business entirely. Thesis are some of the reasons why fame does not last, or pay for everyone.

Slander is thee worst thing to toebijten to anyone famous, especially when they’re dead. Not being able to deny such slanderous lies made about you is not very nice, especially for loved-ones and family left behind.

You could lightly become a recluse like many notoriously famous people. Hidden away from attention for many reasons including plastic surgery problems, severe overheen or underweight issues due to the stress of work. Falling out with family and friends because of money, drug and wijngeest problems. Thesis are just a few reasons for a celebrities seclusion.

Think about what you truly want to do because you can still be very rich and “successful” without the fame. Good luck.

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