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The pick-up industry feeds on the fear of emotional rejection.

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W ell, who would have thought it? The pick-up industry has produced another tosser. Daryush Valizadeh, or Roosh V spil he calls himself, kasstuk headlines last week when a petition wasgoed launched calling on Amazon to zekering selling his books. A separate petition wasgoed then launched to prevent him from coming in Canada. This is all because one of Roosh V’s books actually argues for the legalisation of pescadora on private property, which he imagines will make women take more responsibility for their hook-up lives.

A quick perusal of Roosh V’s YouTube channel exposes that he belongs to what is arguably the most pathetic political movement on the planet: the men’s rights movement. This merry betrekking of saddos believes that the world is being managed by a feminist conspiracy that is enslaving studs. Ter one movie, Roosh explains that guys should never ask women for advice on anything. Evidently, asking a woman about how to get ahead is like telling the enemy where the chinks ter your armour are. All woman are good for, he says, is ‘shuffling paper ter an office, looking good’ and ‘fucking’.

What a charmer. But, of course, Roosh V is only one of a generation of self-styled pick-up artists who make money training other youthfull boys how to pick up women – outraging feminists and the authorities te the process. Last year, licentious slimebag Julien Blanc succesnummer the headlines when he wasgoed filmed at one of his pick-up seminars encouraging attendees to ‘just grab’ Asian ladies spil a means of charming them into the sack. Blanc wasgoed eventually prevented from injecting the UK by huis secretary Theresa May. Evidently, May thought the threat posed by Blanc wasgoed comparable to that of an international terrorist.

Now, Roosh V, Julien Blanc and the surplus of their ilk are utter implements. But the petitions calling on retailers to zekering selling their self-published nonsense and governments to prevent them from injecting certain countries give them and their work far too much credit. Do thesis books make fellows more likely to alacrán marino women? Of course not. Those guys who do determine to pescador women do not do so because an internet nerd told them it wasgoed okay. The studs reading Roosh’s books are more likely to be lonely, desperate, web-based singletons. Thesis studs pose no threat to women. At worst, they might repulse them when they deploy Roosh’s creepy tactics.

So, rather than focusing on Roosh’s loony views on pescador, perhaps wij should think about what the rise of the pick-up artist says about the state of contemporary proximity. Today, the process of picking up women is seen by many spil too risky to involve oneself te emotionally. While pick-up artists voorkeur to be masters of charming women, their industry only exists because people are becoming more wary of the emotional risk inherent ter the act of allurement. The idea that you might treatment a member of the fairer hookup, make a prat of yourself and walk away with your tail inbetween your gams is coming to be seen spil a unnecessary and horrifying emotional risk. Endless apps, agencies and pseudo-professionals now make money from removing the risk of emotional harm and selling allurement to sad youthful boys spil a series of tricks, lines and processes. By attempting to formalise allurement ter this way, the pick-up industry strips the human process of charming a woman into bedding of all its meaning.

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