Just a little bit!

Marc Copage

There’s bot a number of gals I’ve bot deeply infatuated with overheen the years whom I’ve worked with te various productions. Even some famous ones. Ally Sheedy, Gina Gershon, singer and Prince protГ©gГ© Jill Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh. A number of gals.

Actress Gina Gershon

Of course who knows for certain what wasgoed going thru their minds, but I’m pretty certain there wasgoed a point ter time with each of thesis gals where I had a slok. If I only had some spel! Just a little bit!

Faces On The Wall – Personages Photo

Faces On The Wall Personages Photo From Top and Across To Bottom: Karen Fineman, Jeff Goldstein, Patrick Cassidy, Laird Fenwick, David Way, Gina Gershon, Mújol Berman, Cecile Bagdadi, Linda Morris, Jane Oppenheimer, (writer/director) Tina Landau, Legendary Theater and Filmrolletje Producer Hillard Elkins who produced the display, Claudia Lonow, Marc Copage.

Jill Jones And Prince

Then there wasgoed the woman I met on Craigslist. She wasgoed an aspiring singer and songwriter.

I had waterput an ad up on Craigslist looking for a songwriting collaboration playmate. I had just gotten stood up by one of the ‘Fly Chicks’ from the popular TV voorstelling “In Living Color” which wasn’t a very fly thing to do. Wij had bot talking about collaborating on writing songs together tho’ I vereiste admit my rente ter hier ran deeper than just that. Some of the Fly Damsels would come te from time to time to take classes at a dance studio I wasgoed working at and I got to be friendly with one of them. Just another gal on my long list of infatuations. So mij and this ‘Fly Chick’ set up a time to meet and she totally stood mij up. She didn’t call or anything. The next day I had flowers delivered to the display along with a note. I still didn’t hear anything back from hier. I’ve truly got to pauze this habit of sending women flowers. Especially to the ladies that reject mij!

Stood Up

What’s up with that? Somebody should just waterput a big caudal P on my forehead! I’ve given a number of women flowers and roses when I shouldn’t have. I wonder if it stems from some deep psychological need and desire to attempt to build up my mother’s love and acceptance on some level or some zuigeling of BS along those lines? There wasgoed this one dance production I wasgoed te where I talent every woman te the voorstelling roses. I had to skip a meal a day for the next month and a half! What a dufus!

Yeah, that’s mij!

Oh well. So much for fly damsels.

Fly Chicks from the TV showcase &quot,Ter Living Color&quot,

So mij and the gal I met on Craigslist exchanged demo tapes and talked on the phone to arrange for a time to meet. She seemed flawlessly corriente when I talked to hier on the phone and judging by the gauze she sent mij she had talent! So I get to hier place, I knock on hier onderbrak, and when the voort opened wasgoed pleasurably astonished spil she wasgoed fairly effortless on the eyes.

About a minute or two of puny talk and the next thing I know she’s reaching for my Johnson! Before I know it she’s down te vuurlijn of mij on hier knees just going to town on my little soldier! Or big spil the case may be. Next thing I hear a zuigeling embark to sob ter another part of the apartment. She says, “Don’t worry, that’s just my two year old.” and excuses herself to tend to the child. She had never mentioned to mij previously she had a child. So this cycle repeats itself several times. She’s on hier knees doing hier thing, the kind gets restless where she has to tend to it, and back and forward. With each interruption it became more and more difficult for mij to proceed. Next she tells mij she likes getting smacked around and having hier hair pulled. This wasgoed some crazy s*%t! I had literally just met this woman and now she’s te pui of mij down on hier knees asking mij to pull hier hair and smack hier around! The next time she excuses herself I calmly slipped out the gevelbreedte voort, hopped into my car and got the heck out of Dodge! Or ter this case Westelijk Los Angeles. Lord knows I could have used what she wasgoed suggesting. It wasgoed fairly relieving and felt fairly nice. It wasgoed my very first practice with this zuigeling of thing. It just got too bizarre however and began to feel a bit dangerous! I straks found out she had a Methamphetamine addiction. She still looked good so I would imagine she hadn’t bot using for all that long. To this day I’m wondering if perhaps I should have called child protective services or something. It undoubtedly ranks up spil one of the strangest things that’s everzwijn happened to mij. I hope both mother and child came out of it alright. Being a meth maniac is no joke!

Crystal Meth

It wasgoed fairly a strange encounter.

Artist Salvador Dali


The only gf I’ve everzwijn had, aside from Andrea when wij were 11 or so who I’d never even kissed, wasgoed this French gal I wasgoed eyeing for a schrijven period of time on an extended stay to Europe. I had originally travelled overseas spil part of the personages te a theater production where wij performed at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe which is known spil the largest kunst’s festival ter the world. The voorstelling wasgoed called “The Steven Weed Demonstrate” written by successful hollywood screenwriter, Shawn Schepps of “Encino Man” fame and directed by Fax Bahr and Adam Petite creators of the popular sketch comedy television vertoning “Mad TV”.

Mad TV – No Particular Reason, I Just Thought This Wasgoed A Funny Skit One Of My Friends Posted Featuring ‘Mad TV’

Come to think of it, I think Adam wasgoed ter the ensemble with mij and Fax directed the showcase. It wasgoed a fine personages and wij had some wonderful times together. Bryan Cranston of “Cracking Bad” fame wasgoed ter the personages spil well. Bryan wasgoed spil awesome then spil he is now! When wij very first embarked working together I had him pegged spil a Robin Williams type. He would never repeat himself ter vertoning on any given evening. Bryan turned out to be Robin Williams, and much, much more spil evidenced by his fine work thru the years! The vertoning won a Dramalogue award for best ensemble personages. Good times with some good people!

&quot,The Steven Weed Demonstrate&quot, Lade Times Clipping

Pictured above from left to right: Bryan Cranston, Deborah Thalberg, John Zarchen, Susan Saiger, Paul Friedman, Adam Puny, Kathy, Laatstgeborene Schick, Shawn Schepps and Marc Copage.

So after our run te Edinburgh I travelled to Paris and met this French gal. She wasgoed a certified nymphomaniac! Sweet!


But wouldn’t it be just my luck that she wasgoed te counseling all the time I wasgoed observing hier. Hier therapist prescribed abstinence spil part of hier treatment. No hook-up what-so-ever! Fine! Wij did get into some other rather kinky adventures, but your regular, traditional, old fashioned, sexual intercourse wasgoed not one of the items on the spijskaart. All the beautiful women ter this city and she’s the gal I pick out. Superb! She wasgoed a well known choreographer ter Paris and evidently hier addiction had gotten hier into some trouble. One thing I could say for this gal is that when she set hier mind to doing something, she’d do it! She also just scarcely spoke five words of English so unnecessary to say the relationship did not last long. It wasgoed around this time that I began to feel that I wasgoed just plain cursed spil far spil women and relationships were worried.

I’ve even attempted online dating with no luck or success. Pursuing thesis gals online can become a utter time job ter itself. Reading profiles. Attempting to find that right match. Thinking of something clever to write to them that may never even get looked at. My guess is most of thesis gals are inundated with hundreds of emails from guys and many of them just like the attention. Then when I became one of those people whose profile picture doesn’t even look like them anymore I abandoned the idea entirely.

Online Dating

I wonder how they do it? How do people get together to form a relationship and possibly build a life together? I witness couples te the park and I wonder, how did they meet? Just how did they get together? It’s such a mystery to mij. I observe my neighbor walk up the stairs with his wifey and two children. One child te his arms and the other by the arm. His wifey by his side. This is something that ter all likelihood will never be a part of my reality. At least te this lifetime. Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. “For better or for worse. Te sickness and te health. Till death do us part.” I always thought those were such amazing words! It’s an outstanding concept! I mean, I would choose not to diegene all alone. With nobody. I would choose not to go out that way.

My Dear Friends Scott And Caara On Their Wedding Day


So I’ve taken up ballroom and social fucking partner dancing just to feel some kleintje of proximity and connection with a woman. But when the song is overheen, that’s the end of it. It’s what wij both know is coming and expect. And my dance vrouwen and I are convenient ter that. And that’s just fine with mij.

Marc & Heather – Waltz Dance

To quote a line from the movie, “Marty”, portrayed by the wonderful character actor Earnest Borgnine, “I’ve chased after enough ladies te my life. I’ve gotten hurt enough. I don’t want to get hurt no more.”

&quot,Marty&quot, Starring Oscar Winner Earnest Borgnine

Most of the women I’ve mentioned through this Four part chapter are gladfully married now with children of their own. I’m sure I’m nothing more to them than a distant and fading memory, if even that. However, I recall and look back on each and every one of my unrequited loves with fond memories. Everyone except the speed maniak I met on Craigslist that wished mij to smack hier around that is. I can’t help but wonder how my life might be different if something more would have developed from any one of my many infatuations. How being with the right woman might have effected my life. Even my professional career. I can’t help but wonder.

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