If members do not want to speak to matches overheen the ‘phone, they can lightly be blocked, so no further communications are possible.


eHarmony is an online dating webpagina which has regularly had some of the best success rates for relationships ter the world, overheen many years. Dr Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist, who had practiced for 35-years and counselled couples te marriages, thought there wasgoed another way to detect love, instead of leaving it to chance. His belief led to the creation of the eHarmony webstek and his development of eHarmony’s popular matching system. This matching system wasgoed extensively tested with married couples, and involves a complicated matching mechanism. It is so unique, that it has bot patented ter the US. eHarmony offers compatibility matches based on the 29 patented ‘Dimensions of Compatibility’. 5% of marriages have occurred te the US, due to eHarmony’s unique system, spil vanaf a survey ter 2009, and 44,000 weddings of the webpagina members (this equals 120 eHarmony weddings every day). EHarmony saves time by cutting out dating, so you can spend all of your time on the significant matches.

Sign-up Process

eHarmony has a convenient registration process by using a questionnaire. Basic information such spil your location, gender, age, are asked for, spil is the case with most online dating websites. This part of the step is exactly the same for all sign-ups and is free. The joy part on eHarmony is when you go through a finish assessment of your personality. There are about 258 questions that have bot cautiously selected, based on information from eHarmony’s explore of its Five,000 married members, overheen 3-years. The aim of the questions is to motivate members to provide accomplish details of their relationship goals, and preferences, so that the eHarmony patented matching technology can come up with successful matches which are compatible. Registration takes about one hour to finish, but merienda this is accomplish, eHarmony gives you suggested matches, so search time is minimized.


Basic features on eHarmony permits members to send messages to their matches and to access the private profile. Members can view pictures and receive messages when compatible matches view their profiles. Advanced webpagina features are available to members who purchase the TotalConnect package. The RelyId system has bot installed to verify identities so members won’t waste their time with fake users and people who use false identities. Members can be reasonably sure that the profile they see belongs to a efectivo person on eHarmony.com.

Members can talk overheen the SecureCall feature without exposing their identities, or taking a chance with their safety, because their ‘phone numbers are not exposed when talking. If members do not want to speak to matches overheen the ‘phone, they can lightly be blocked, so no further communications are possible. Members will also be notified spil to who is ‘phoning them before the call is transferred, so call screening is available. The Premium Book of You, is an extra, in-depth personality analysis that adds to the diferente questionnaire that wasgoed packed ter at sign-up. This system makes effective matching of more gegevens points, even more successful, for members who want to use this feature.

eHarmony communication is managed by several prompts which are designed to get members connected, known spil Guided Communication. Members can start with a few questions, which begin the process of getting to know one another. Members share Make or Violates, which means what they voorwaarde have, or overeenkomst breakers for their matches. If communications are progressing well ter this phase, members can choose to ask their own questions, or select some in-depth questions from a pre-set list. eHarmony mail can then be used to talk further. Members can skip overheen the Guided Communication steps altogether, and go straight to eHarmony mail, if the match agrees to this.

eHarmony also provides its famous personality assessment for non-paying, and paying members. Paid membership on eHarmony’s provides a more comprehensive personality analysis, albeit the free assessment also gives members fresh skill about themselves and what their ideal fucking partners should be like.

eHarmony does not make use of the usual type of search function. Matches are selected by palm, based on the questionnaire ended and the information created by members te the ‘The Book of You’. Members then receive the hand-picked matches ter an email or on their dashboards.

eHarmony’s mobile app is available on the Android and iPhones. The desktop webstek and mobile app for eHarmony, are both enormously effortless to use and are well designed. The look and feel of the mobile app is very much the same spil the feed on Facebook, so members can scroll to check out their match activities, and whether you have received a message, if your profile has bot viewed, or if anyone has sent you a smile. You will also receive match alerts whenever a fresh match is found, and then you can select thesis and embark communicating right away.

Three widgets can also be found at the bottom of the pagina, just like Facebook, that voorstelling messages and activity. Members can look through categories at the top of the pagina on the mobile app for ‘profile updates’, ‘visitors’, or ‘photo updates’, among other update features.

Safety and Security

Member safety is very significant on eHarmony, which is why the webstek contains advice and safety tips, like ‘making a safe and successful very first date’ and ‘using your best judgement’. Before members send a private message to their matches, a safety and support guide book will show up. Movies are also on the webpagina which display typical scams that members may come across on the webpagina, so eHarmony does spil much spil it can to help its members protect themselves on the webpagina.

Plans & Pricing

Two different packages are available on the eHarmony webstek. One offers a free membership, and the other is for paying members. Thesis plans opoffering different features, and members can choose which project suits them best. The free project however prevents members from accessing all the features, but members can see their matches and send them messages on the Basic Project. Securecall and RelyId are not available on the Basic Project, and the paid for project offers far more spil far spil communicating with matches is worried.

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