Three Good Conversation Starters for Online Dating Messages To Women

After analyzing overheen 500,000 messages, OkCupid has found Trio good conversation starters you should use ter messages to women on dating sites. When used by studs, thesis phrases received the most responses from women and will certainly help boost your responses spil well when used correctly.

The worst initial message you can send a woman on a dating webpagina would be one or two words such spil “Hi”, “Hey”, or “Hello there” just like thesis guys:

Thesis are NOT good conversation starters with women. You may spil well write, “I have nothing to say, am boring, and lack confidence. Please don’t reply to my message.” Women will delete your email instantaneously if you send a one or two-word opening message. And believe mij, the majority of dudes send lame openings like this:

You can see even more bad opening messages ter my blog postbode, The Top Five Worst Online Dating Messages To Women, that you should avoid sending to women. But what are good conversation starters that actually get responses?

Trio Phrases That Get The MOST Responses From Women

OkCupid has come to the rescue. OkCupid analyzed overheen 500,000 emails and found the phrases that had the highest success rate for replies to your messages. What did they find? Mentioning common interests is the way to go.

OkCupid points out that “talking about specific things that rente you or that you might have ter common with someone is a time-honored way to make a connection…..” and they have proof that it works.

OkCupid found several phrases that get high response rates. The top Three that can be used spil good conversation starters are:

They are all effortless to use but to help you out, I’m going to give you some examples.

Good Conversation Starters – Example 1

Here’s part of a woman’s dating profile I found on POF ter San Diego. She had a rather lengthy “About Me” section so I’m only including part of what she wrote:

“I’ve lived all overheen! I’m originally from Colorado (yep I’m a Broncos fan), I grew up ter Australia and went to collegium ter Paris. I’ve attempted out both coasts and spil much joy spil NYC is I just wasgoed not a fan of the weather. The weather here is much better. ”

The woman wasgoed 38 years old and very attractive so you can be sure she gets a ton of emails from studs. The football comment is an effortless ter, just refer to it jokingly. Don’t talk crap about someone’s team. Mockingly make joy of yours or a different bad team. Trust mij, it works.

Using the Three phrases from OkCupid:

You mention you’re a Broncos fan. I’m a Raiders fan myself so I’m not sure if it will work out inbetween us because I hear Broncos ventilatoren are truly tumultuous and fight a loterijlot unlike our ventilatoren who are peaceful and hold mitts inbetween plays”.

“I commenced reading your profile and thought “Wow, ultimately a woman with good taste ”, then I witnessed you liked the Broncos. Why on Earth would you like a team that has bot so consistently good when you can like a team like the Buccaneers who continually predominate at mediocrity?”

“I noticed that you’re a fan of the Broncos. Did you lose a bet because clearly, you should be supporting a winning organization like the Jaguars?”

It doesn’t matter which team it is. If she likes a winning team, pick the polar opposite and use it spil an opening.

Good Conversation Starters – Example Two

The woman also mentioned te hier profile that she lived ter NYC and preferred the Westelijk Coast overheen the East Coast. You could use this treatment:

You mention how much better the weather is here on the Westelijk Coast. You mean to tell mij you don’t like humidity, snowstorms and shoveling ice off your car window te freezing temperatures? Be fair, you don’t miss it?”

Two. Good Taste and Noticed That

“I noticed that you chose the Westelijk Coast overheen the East Coast, obviously you have good taste but I want to know do you choose Westelijk Coast pizza overheen East Coast pizza. And have you found a good East Coast pizza snaak here that you could recommend because I toevluchthaven’t found a good one.”

That’s right, I knocked out two phrases ter one email.

Good Conversation Starters – Example Trio

Here’s another profile I found on POF with words you have no doubt seen before: “I love experimenting with fresh recipes, a nice glass of wine while listening to music or reading, going to concerts….”

Here is how you could craft an opening message:

1. You Mention and Good Taste

You mention you love a nice glass of wine. I love a good Cabernet. Are you a fan of crimson wine or white wine? What’s your beloved wine? Clearly a woman of good taste , I don’t expect you to say Franzia. It will never work out inbetween us if you do. ??”

“I noticed that you love experimenting ter the kitchen with fresh recipes. Where do you find thesis recipes? I am always on the lookout for healthy recipes and am on the Food Network webpagina and Nom Nom Paleo permanently. What’s your signature dish? My go-to dish is Basil Chicken and it’s rated very on Yelp! hectare!”

Good Conversation Starters Te Act

Here are a few screenshots of mij putting thesis Three phrases te act and found them to be very effective. Take a look:

Final Thoughts

“You Mention”, “Good Taste”, and “Noticed That” are all good conversation starters that you can use te your messages to women. Thesis phrases are good conversation starters because they voorstelling the woman you’ve actually read hier profile. Te fact, the words themselves point out that you read hier profile which is why they are so effective.

Keep thesis te the back of your mind spil you craft your messages to women:

  • Don’t be too serious ter your messages.
  • Come across spil charming and humorous.
  • Be modest but vertoning confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid to poke joy at yourself a bit, but at the same time don’t be a total harlekijn.
  • For goodness sakes don’t be agreeable. Give hier a little nudge but don’t be insulting.

The last thing you want to do is mooipraterij a woman on hier looks. NEVER mooipraterij a woman on hier appearance. I talked about why te another blog postbode, “Why Dudes Voorwaarde Avoid Physical Compliments With Women On Dating Sites.

Please leave a comment below because I’d like to hear what you think about thesis good conversation starters to women. If you have any others, feel free to share.

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