My Choice to Remain Zuivere until Marriage – My True Story

Theresa is married to hier high schoolgebouw sweetheart. She loves writing of hier family and practices te life.

“Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bedding kept zuivere.” — Hebrews 13:Four

“For this is the will of Heerser, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality, that each one of you know how to control his own figure te holiness and honor, not te the passion of zeal like the Gentiles who do not know Godheid,” —1 Thessalonians Four:3-5

Message for all Youthfull Fellows and Women

I made the choice ter my mind at a very youthful age to wait for marriage before having hook-up. I wasgoed totally committed to this and I wasgoed determined that I would stay zuivere. It wasgoed just ter my belief system, I guess.

Honestly, however, I believe I wasgoed too panicked to even think about such an act, spil I eyed my girlfriends going through such ordeals at a very early age, that I knew ter my youthful mind, I did not want any part of such things.

Here, I am just telling my true life practices, and I do not judge anyone else’s life choices.

Having said all of that, however, if I had not gotten married at the youthful age of Nineteen, then it could very well have bot possible that I may not be writing this hub. Also, if it were not for my very mean U.S. Army Veteran dad, who stood well overheen 6 feet tall, pursuing off would-be suitors who came a knocking on my vanwege, then I may not be writing this hub on this day spil well! I reminisce being so infuriated at my dad for “being so mean” and recall thinking that I wasgoed going to have to go and live at a convent and become a nun! LOL Sadly, that is what I thought, spil he did not permit any youthful boys to even come around our house, and merienda the word wasgoed out about what a big mean old fellow my dad wasgoed, they truly did not come back around.

If my dad were alive this day, I would tell him, “Thank You Dad. ” For if it were not for him running off “those” particular youthful studs, who knows where I would be today. I realize now, he wasgoed just being a dad and doing what he wasgoed supposed to do, but I could not see that at my very youthfull age. Oh, how I would sob and sob, about no bf’s, even however I wasgoed not thinking about the lovemaking part at all, spil I truly did not want any part of that at that age! I reminisce one fresh cool boy moving to the neighborhood, kleintje of a James Dean type, with his sleeves spinned up and his pack of cigarettes inwards the sleeves. I will be the very first to admit that my mind went gaga overheen him, and then one day he came a knocking, spil prior to the knocking, he had asked mij to hold on to his cigarettes (which I have never smoked a day te my life), while all the guys were playing football. I remembered when it wasgoed time for mij to go inwards for the night, that I had placed the cigarette pack on the outside of my bedroom window seal.

Well, here comes James Dean a knocking on my onderbrak, looking for mij. Unnecessary to say, that wasgoed the last time he came a knocking. I heard my dad reaction the ingevolge, and then telling a few choice words that I cannot repeat here. I wasgoed mortified and cried and cried, thinking of that convent again!

Then came time for the Junior/Senior Prom night, which I wasgoed actually permitted to attend, and with a dude! Of course, this particular dude wasgoed a sweet boy, about a foot shorter than mij, and thick frames like coke bottles, and clever spil a whip. So, I am assuming my dad thought he wasgoed harmless enough. Wij were just friends anyway, and I believe my dad knew that too. My future hubby to be wasgoed good friends with my prom date, but I did not know my future spouse to be at the time. Well, my prom date had bot tutoring my future spouse to be ter Algebra one day. My prom date happened to mention that he needed to take a pauze and come overheen to my house to pick up the prom photos, and so my future spouse to be, came along for the rail.

So they came a knocking, and my dad actually did not run them off, spil he knew I needed to give my prom date some of the photos. There stood my future hubby to be, kleintje of gawking at mij and incapable to speak even one word. My prom date wound up asking mij out for my future hubby to be, spil he wasgoed so timid, spil wasgoed I! Now, my future hubby to be vereiste have bot pretty clever, ter that, he knew to ask my dad’s permission if it wasgoed okay for mij to go with him on a church outing to the Little Grand Canyon te Georgia, or Providence Canyon, I believe that is what is it called. Being that I would be with a entire group of youths from a church, along with a chaperon, it wasgoed just fine with my dad. Hallelujah.

From then on out, my future spouse to be, asked mij out ahead of time for the next upcoming weekends from then on out, movie and dinner. What I did not know wasgoed that there were many other guys from schoolgebouw interested ter mij too, but I had no clue, spil I thought that no one wasgoed interested ter mij. My very clever future hubby to be (at least when it comes to such matters), never told mij of the other guys until long after wij were married.

When I think about it, if my future spouse to be had actually bot wise ter Algebra, then wij may have never met. Or, if my future hubby to be just happened to not be friends with my prom date, wij may have never met, but wij did.

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