Commitment, Relationships, and Online Dating for Generation Y (Master – s Thesis) – Tiffany Matloob

My research wasgoed intended to ascertain the relationship inbetween online dating and Generation Y, ter terms of what type of relationship they were looking for, their views on marriage and divorce, and what type of webstek would meet their needs best. Through my survey, I wasgoed able to learn what kleuter of format Generation Yers would be more convenient with when it comes to meeting someone to date online, be it a mobile application, social networking webstek, supuesto community, etc. By asking questions about how Generation Yers use their current social networks, I wasgoed able to see if the social networks play a role ter helping them find and develop romantic relationships.

The very first section I had ter my survey asked participants about their definitions of commitment, hooking up, and dating. I wished to see if all Generation Yers had similar definitions when it came to those words and I dreamed to see if their definitions matched up with those outlined ter my literature review. Additionally by asking about commitment, I hoped to find out what type of relationship they are interested ter, to better understand what functions they would like their ideal dating toneel to have. Ter the relationships section of my survey, I asked about previous relationships they’ve had and the role, if any at all, social media played ter facilitating those relationships. Following that wasgoed the section on marriage and divorce, where I asked respondents about their ideal age to get married spil well what they spotted spil the script for an ideal marriage ter order to assess whether or not Generation Y is even interested te getting married. I further examined divorces among friends and family and how that has influenced their opinions on the union. The last section on online dating asked questions about characteristics they would like their ideal dating webstek to have spil well spil assessed their views on online dating te caudillo te order to find out if they are interested te using online dating ter the future and what factors would contribute to their decision to subscribe.

I desired to see if the characteristics described ter the literature review to define Generation Y, such spil hard-working, dedicated, self-absorbed, requiring, and incapable to carry on with the challenges of day-to-day life, contribute to how they felt about commitment, love, and marriage. Te the end my main concentrate wasgoed to assess the relationship inbetween Generation Y and online dating and determine what kleuter of toneel would help them fulfill their wants and needs.

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