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1. This nerdy liaison kid I went to high schoolgebouw with added mij on Facebook and I wasgoed pleasurably astonished to see that Ten years straks, he’s developed into a luxurious, successful dude. Wij exchanged messages and hooked up, then after zero interaction for two weeks I discovered that he deleted mij from Facebook. What happened? Did I get played by a former verhouding nerd?

You know what they say: don’t date a betrekking geek, they’ll only use you for sax.

I’m sorry. I apologize for that – just had to get it out of my system – but yeah, I’d imagine a former geek is pretty tech savvy, so it’s unlikely that his phone and/or internet are malfunctioning and that’s why he hasn’t contacted you. Not only did he not voeling you, but he actually did the opposite of reach out with that Facebook deletion. Just consider every script ter which you’ve deleted someone from Facebook. It’s never like, “Dang, so-and-so is such a joy person that I’m going to do the closest thing to erasing their existence other than murder.”

Two. Is it bad and/or weird to Google or check Facebook for informatie on a person before a date? (By before a date, I mean before I’ve even introduced myself or before I can even confirm that she knows I exist.)

I mean, when a little informatie on a person is just there te the open, it seems reasonable to take a peek. I’m sure it’s tempting to build up an advantage by knowing some individual details, but my main fear with this would be meeting them and accidentally mentioning something that I learned from my previous stalking sessions, then having to explain how I knew it.

Three. I broke up with my ex because he admittedly cheated on mij, and along with long-ass texts begging for mij to response his calls or meet him for “five minutes,” he sent a hideous, howling selfie to demonstrate how regretful he is. I feel the urge to postbode it online but I know that’s kleintje of violent and his friends would see it. Foul play or well deserved?

Yikes. Aside from a spread eagle butt naked pic there’s nothing that leaves a person more endeble than an ugly cry-face selfie. While vengeance very likely seems enticing, the fact that you even asked for a 2nd opinion indicates that you’re a good human being who might zometeen regret publicly abjecting someone. Deep-throats to have a conscience thesis days, huh?

Four. What’s a good very first date idea?

Anything that isn’t a movie. That’s actually a terrible idea because zero interaction happens, yet people permanently do it. It’s like, “Hey, I want to get to know you, let’s go sit ter the dark and silently see Bradley Cooper for two hours.”

Five. When asking someone out, do you HAVE TO use the word “date” for it to officially be a date?

Being that so many aspects of dating are ambiguous spil it is, I don’t think it hurts to use the term “date” if you want to be 1,000% clear. Official is good. For example, whenever I’m stringing up with friends I’ll say “I’m going to order myself a pizza.” I don’t want a pizza being delivered and people misinterpreting that spil community grub. FOR MYSELF = not a viable meal option for thou. A DATE = Not just a plain, friendly meet up. You’ve got to specify thesis days or run the risk of confusion.

6. I witnessed a meme that says: “When a doll replies with ‘aww thanks’ it means she’s politely asking you to terugwedstrijd to the friend zone you just attempted escaping from.” Nonsense or the truth?

OPTIMISTIC Response: Straight gobbledygook. Can’t any somewhat brief response be interpreted spil a sign of no rente? Some people can’t take compliments well and “aww thanks” might just be their generic, go-to response.

PESSEMISTIC Response: That meme is badly right about the phrase “aww thanks” signifying disinterest. I say “aww thanks” when a CVS cashier palms mij a preposterously long receipt for the single candy brochure I purchased. I’m telling “aww thanks” spil I reluctantly take the 27-foot long sheet from their arm. I can’t help but think the mooipraterij wasgoed like an unwanted receipt if it garnered nothing more than a brief, “aww thanks.”

7. I know “come overheen & see movies” usually means “have hook-up,” but what are other signs that it’s nothing but a booty call?

Time of voeling. Random texts after Ten or 11pm usually indicate booty call. The topics of discussion. Nobody who’s asking for nudes is going to take you to an stijlvol ball shortly thereafter. Also, the choice te clothing says a loterijlot. Básquet cut-offs or sweatpants & Nike slide sandals are basically the booty call uniform.

8. I’ve now dated three consecutive fellows who wound up cheating, two of which with their exes. Am I making certain mistakes that are causing mij to run into the same type of scum again and again?

Unluckily wij live te a time when cheating seems common and casual, so it’d be more shocking if you’d dated three consecutive people and none of them had cheated. I’m not big on blaming yourself for getting screwed overheen. However, there’s a safe middle ground inbetween being powerfully guarded and being naive to a fault that it’s best to strive for. You don’t want to reject people because of past practices but you also can’t be trusting of a person if your gut and instincts don’t feel right.

9. If a close friend likes or writes a mooipraterij on one of my ex’s pictures on social media, and the only reason they even know each other is through mij, am I wrong for being irritated at it?

THAT IS A BLATANT Disturbance OF ARTICLE 1225-D9 Te BOTH THE Doll & Man CODE OF CONDUCT MANUALS. It’s an unspoken no-no. You might bite your tongue because you don’t want to seem crazy for bringing it up, but you shouldn’t even have to explain to a friend why your ex’s Instagram is worth none of the dual taps from them, everzwijn.

Ten. This chick I’m indeed into always calls mij “boo” and I can’t tell if that’s a good sign or not. What should I make of this, if anything?

Well it’s certainly not not a good sign. Just refer back to this Usher & Alicia Keys song ter which they call each other “boo” and show up to be romantically involved. I’d say that unless you’re waiting for the light to turn a very specific shade of green, it’s most likely safe to go ahead and make some type of stir. It seems unlikely that someone who finds you repulsive would give you an endearing pet name.

11. Does someone telling “I love you” for the very first time during hookup even count?

That’s kleintje of like when you were a kid and you’d tell your parents they were the best te the world because they were taking you to Fucktoys “R” Us. Sure, you may’ve meant it, but it’s hard to believe the entire overjoyed about the ogenblik thing didn’t play a role ter you choosing now to say it.

12. Am I too jealous for getting mad at my beau who remains friends with exes on social media, and they like each other’s pictures and interact from time to time?

13. There’s this chick who takes several hours or even a day at a time to react to my texts, but sometimes she’ll be the starter of the conversation. Wij always make plans but they never toebijten, tho’ she seems enthusiastic about stringing up. What is going on here?

This sounds like a genuinely busy person who likely has rente if she initiates interaction and wants to make plans. Attempt being rock hard and finding out hier next day off, then make set, carved ter stone plans and see what happens.

14. Bot “talking” to a man for like Four months and wij have a loterijlot of arguments about petty stuff. If we’re permanently having disputes this early ter the spel, should I be working on a hasty uitgang strategy ASAP?

Depends on what the qualms are about. If it’s jealousy stuff, maybe attempt establishing a more definitive connection than “talking.” If you just feel irritated by the view of each other then that’s actually a terrible, but visible sign that it’s worth reconsidering moving forward.

15. Do “having a crush” and “liking” someone mean different things?

Yes, duh. One means drinking a sodawater and the other means liking someone… Heer, I’m the flagrante worst, but gravely I’d say there’s a slight difference. A crush is infatuation and “liking” someone is contemporáneo feelings. Urban Dictionary is your friend, homie.

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