When the person is enormously gullible, he will be asked to travel to the scammer’s country to to sign the contract and pick up the millions.

So What Exactly Are Nigerian 419 Scams?

Nigerian 419 scams are called under several other names. You might have heard of them spil 419 scams, Nigerian scams, email scams, advance toverfee scams, and the list goes on. They all represent a very particular type of scam where a victim is persuaded to pay money ter advance te order to receive a larger sum of money straks on, money which ter fact doesn’t exist and will never be paid by the scammers.

While thesis scams can be used te various ways, including email, Facebook, eBay, Skype, telephone and dating sites, here wij will be focusing on the most common type, which is done through email correspondence.

Many free email hosting services such spil Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail have already filters te place to find thesis scam emails arriving to a person’s inbox and dump them straight to the Spam folder, however scammers thesis days are very creative, and such fraud mails will from time to time pass the filters and land ter the Inbox.

The name of Nigerian 419 scams, comes from the fact that the modern versions of thesis fraud letters were indeed coming from Nigeria. However today they can arrive from any part of the world, including even the US or Película del Oeste Europe. An IP trace of such incoming emails displayed their origin to be very varied indeed.

Letters Of Jerusalem

It Began With The Letters Of Jerusalem

The very first advance fraud scams appeared around 1830, which were detailed with the title Letters Of Jerusalem te the Memoir of Eugene Francois Vidocq.

Te thesis letters the scammer would say that they have trunks total of gold and other valuables which need transported from one place to another without anyone finding out about them. Then they would send thesis letters to rich persons who were living te the nearby province, who would be duped into agreeing to help vrachtvervoer those caskets. When the marquis ter question would go back for the promised money, he would be imprisoned for not having any sort of identification with him.

With at the time a rate of 20% success, thesis scams kept appearing because people kept falling for them. For many people today it is unlikely to believe that anyone cal fall for it.

However sadly they are working, because very first, scammers know that it is very hard for the authorities to find them, let alone penalize them, and 2nd, people always fall for them. Harmless, yet gullible people abound te every country, and merienda they lost their money (sometimes overheen and overheen again until they realize that they have bot duped), they feel ashamed to come forward and say they have bot swindled.

Have you everzwijn bot a scam victim?

The Current Advance Toverfee Scams – Aka The Nigerian 419 Scams

The number 419 te this scam name comes from the relevant section ter the Nigerian law which calls out “Any person who by any false pretense, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to produce to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for three years. (http://www.nigeria-law.org/Criminal%20Code%20Act-Part%20VI%20%20to%20the%20end.htm)

Te the 1980s the economy te Nigeria tumbled drastically due to druppel ter oil output and acute druppel ter prices. Since the Nigerian economy relied strongly on its petroleum, the GNP vanaf capita decreased to fresh lows. The very first of such scams were pulled on visiting Película del Oeste businessmen who got pulled one overheen by unemployed students.

Spil technology advanced, with the introduction of fax machines, and straks the internet with effortless email accessibility, the scam spread life fire. And with millions of people to pineut from all overheen the world, it has gone beyond Nigeria. I have personally received emails from Ghana, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Japan, Poland, Russia, Germany and Iran.

Today every person who has an email address – and let’s face it 90% of the world population has at least one – will have received several such sweet or official sounding letters that many people simply can not stand against replying to. Thesis letters appeal to some very human emotions, from charitable feelings to greed, to wanting to help those te need, to feeling desperate enough to accept help from shady places when the government does nothing to help its own people.

How Do The Nigerian 419 Scams Work?

Wij have already established that this fraud goes beyond the Nigerian borders, however for the sake of keeping it consistent, I will be referring to this name through this entire article.

The scam generally works ter Four main steps, all based on prewritten scripts.

Step 1 – The initial voeling

This is a letterteken which is often written with volmaakt grammar, appearing to come from either official sources or from someone ter dire need of urgent help.

It is intended to appeal to your curiosity. It is intended to make you want to read it. And that is, most often than not, enough to get you hooked enough to get you to reply.

Step Two – Appealing to your senses

Merienda you have replied stating your rente, you will soon receive a seconed email. This email is rather vague, but will promise a prize for very little effort from your part. Sometimes it will be already spellt out how much money you need to send ter order to get the millions, however more often than not tha part is left out – afterall the scammer doesn’t want to scare you away just yet.

One thing is clearly spelled out is how much money you will get. The prize is usually listed ter millions. This is where some document (either a jpg picture or a pdf verkeersopstopping) will be fastened to their email, te order to prove that they are legitimate barristers or officials.

Step Three – The amount you have to contribute is spelled out

Merienda you have replied to that email spil well, the scammer knows you are hooked. He has given you a peek of what can be yours – 1 million, Ten millions, 25 millions of US dollars, now he can with the amount you will need to pay ter order to get hold of big prize.

What the con artists count on at this point is the major discrepancy inbetween the amount with many trailing zeroes and the little sum – usually anywhere inbetween $89 and $2500 that you are introduced with. A person who is truly hooked on this scam will not even bat an eye at the petite sum he or she has to pay. Afterall that’s a druppel ter the ocean compared to what his prize will be soon.

Merienda the victim pays the criminals the very first money, there will be an attempt by the scammer to squeeze more money ouf of the victim. Afterall if he paid merienda, he can and often will pay more.

This is the sage where there will be various blocks that prevents one from getting the money. There will often be extra unforeseen and unavoidable costs to pay. There will be bribes for getting even more money for that reserve 10% of extra fees.

Merienda the victim has paid several times, there will be a feeling that he has already paid so much, that indeed the big prize is just around the corner. He will not zekering now. If you have everzwijn played at the gokhal, you know the feeling very well.

When the person is utterly gullible, he will be asked to travel to the scammer’s country to to sign the contract and pick up the millions. This is usually when the victim is either kidnapped for ransom, or even worse, robbed and killed.

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