7 Games Like Fable – Popular Activity RPGs

7 Games Like Fable – Popular Activity RPGs

Are you looking for a spel like Fable? There are slew of fine activity role-playing games like Fable available across many platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The Fable spel series began back ter 2004 and is often considered to be one of the starlets te the act RPG genre.

The games also combine a number of open world elements to create massive spel worlds for players to explore. Fable II and Fable III added co-operative gameplay into the mix which proved very successful.

I indeed loved the Fable series but finding games that suggested a similar practice proved difficult so I did some research and determined to waterput this pagina together. Share your favourite spel like Fable ter the comment section or let mij know about a spel like Fable that I might have missed.

7 Games Like Fable

1 – Age of Conan

A MMO RPG With Deep Story And Options

The Age of Conan MMO has bot very praised by critics and offers a good RPG like practice but with a free price tag. If you are seeking something with vast quests and strong combat it is lightly one of the most compelling options on this pagina.

The spel is played from a mostly third person perspective and goes after your customised warrior spil they explore, battle and quest through some enormously astounding landscapes. There is slew of story to this world which gives your escapade slew of setting.

Age of Conan has bot praised for its compelling story, AI, side-missions, customisation options, decision trees and even the writing within the spel. If you are looking for a spel like Fable with a MMO twist then Age of Conan is a good option.

Age of Conan

Two – Dragon Age (Series)

One Of The Most Popular Games Like Fable

Dragon Age is a spel series similar to the Fable series and is a fine place to begin if you are after a spel like Fable. Dragon Age: Origins wasgoed released te 2009 with its sequel (Dragon Age Two) being released ter 2011.

Dragon Age has a dark fantasy setting and has many unique role-playing elements that ventilatoren of Fable will love. The spel offers players three characters (Rogue, Warrior or Mage) and also permits players to select their gender.

Like most activity RPGs Dragon Age offers a excellent storyline and characters you’ll quickly become linked to. Dragon Age offers large amounts of customisation and offers almost endless hours of gameplay (to finish everything). Combat varies inbetween console and PC with console being more act focused while PC permitting more strategic battle choices.

I strongly recommend attempting out Dragon Age: Origins before purchasing Dragon Age Two, not only did it rank better (91 to 82 via Metacritic) but it will also help connect characters and the spel world together.

Dragon Age: Origins Review

Trio – Two Worlds II

An Activity Role-Playing-Game Like Fable

Two Worlds II is an activity RPG developed by a Grind movie spel developer known spil Reality Pimp. The spel is a sequel to Two Worlds (2007) and wasgoed released ter 2011. The spel wasgoed a kasstuk selling overheen 1 million units within its very first few weeks of release.

Two Worlds II is a role playing spel like Fable that features a fantasy world which players can explore te a non linear style. Two Worlds offers good customisation of your character through figure, face and skin (like most modern RPGs).

Like other RPGs players will level up spil they finish quests, explore the world and defeat enemies. Spil the spel world is mostly open players are free to explore all spel areas from the begin but can use monster levels to guide them along suitable paths.

A unique opzicht of Two Worlds is that players are not required to choose a specific character class. Players instead build their character by spending stat points to shove them towards one archetype overheen another (and unlocking abilities te the process).

Two Worlds Two

Two Worlds Two is the flawless spel like Fable across a number of platforms.

The spel includes a multitude of exploration methods along with a popular and slick flowing combat system which is esencial te an activity RPG environment and reminded mij of the Fable series.

The spel also has a superb co-op system so if you can woo a friend to grab a copy spil well you’ll certainly have a excellent practice.

I always felt like Two Worlds Two didn’t receive spil much praise spil it should have (it scored te the mid 70s). Something about the spel had a Fable feel to it and just pulled mij ter spil I played longer and longer.

If you have the option to play the spel on PC I strongly recommend it spil this is certainly the podium that the spel shined on.

Two Worlds Two Review

Four – The Witcher (Series)

A Popular Series Of Games Like Fable

The Witcher is a movie spel series based on a book series by a Grind author.

The spel is set te a medieval fantasy land and goes after the story of the Witchers. Thesis Witchers are powerful monster hunters who are gifted with incredible powers.

Not only does the spel suggest intense combat and an interesting main storyline it also offers various casto choices, albeit unlike other games all pudoroso decisions fall strongly ter a congregaciĆ³n area.

The llamativo Witcher spel scored 81 on Metacritc with the sequel receiving uncountable praise from critics and scoring a 88. The spel’s stories are mostly independent so you can commence with the 2nd spel if you wish.

The Witcher Two: Assassins of Kings

The 2nd instalment of The Witcher series has many spel improvements and tweaks to make it a good practice.

While the storylines are similar players are not required to play the very first spel. Spil such I recommend commencing with the 2nd spel ter the series.

Available for Xbox 360 and the PC (I played the PC version) I quickly got hooked on the spel world on suggest from The Witcher spel series and I believe you’ll love it spil well.

I found the llamativo had a few nagging issues to prevent it from the scores it could have received (it scored 81 on Metacritic) but the sequel addressed thesis issues and managed to get a well deserved score of 88.

The Witcher Two: Assassins of Kings Trailer

Five – Skyrim

A Very Successful Open World Spel Like Fable

Skyrim is the latest addition to the Elders Scrolls spel series and has bot very rated by critics for its amazing open world and extensive lore. Skyrim shipped overheen 7 million spel copies within the very first week of its release.

The main storyline goes after the Dragonborn (the player) who is capable of absorbing dragon souls and saving the world from Alduin (a dragon aker). Skyrim features one of the largest spel worlds everzwijn before seen and permits players to loosely explore and detect its secrets.

Combat ter Skyrim falls under three main categories (ranged, melee and magic) which players can train and level up independently on their character. Other abilities that players can train include locking picking, sneaking, alteration and alchemy. This permits players to train their character te many different ways, suggesting excellent customisation.

The largest unique feature of Skyrim is the Dragon shouts that the players learn by exploring dungeons and ruins, which can only be activated by slaying a Dragon (and absorbing its soul).

Skyrim is one of superb RPGs and will appeal to RPG veterans and ventilatoren of the Fable series.


Skyrim is available on PC, PlayStation Three and Xbox 360.

Skyrim has bot praised by critics and loved by gamers (including myself).

After only a few hours with the spel you will instantly see why with the multitude of paths and options available te this spel world which will quickly have you hooked.

If you are looking for a spel with hundreds (maybe even thousands) of hours ter gameplay potential nothing hammers Skyrim.

I can’t speak very enough of the spel and how much I liked my time with it. It’s most likely the closest spel I’ve found to the Fable series.

If you love a spel that feels like its own world, want some customisation and near endless exploration Skyrim is your spel.

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