Is there anyway I can get to it or do I have to take the bracket off?

Pontiac Grand Prix SE 3800. However, there’s a bracket bolted te my way and I do not know how

to maneuver around it. Is there anyway I can get to it or do I have to take the bracket off?

diegene if you dont keep idle up until it somewhat dries out, engine lite comes on. Had fresh spark

corks and wires waterput on the car by someone who does know what he is doing.

i have a 66 pontiac temptest 326, it backfires through the carb, what do i do ?

Reply @Bill french: A 1966 Pontiac? Backfire through the carb are usually a sign of a bad cam shaft. One or more of the lobes is worn so the valve is

not opening all the way, or not at all.

i have a 95 firebird that runs pretty good but after i get on the highway for a while n attempt to pass someone it feels like ill lose power for a 2nd and the

engine gets a little rough then i hear a noisy schrikachtig noise that almost sounds like it is close to the transmission.

within two days of each other two windows abandon working. If you kasstuk a bump they window starts to slide down and you have to pull them back into place.

this is on a 2000 grand prix gtp supercharge Four wegens. Wij now have three windows that this has happened to. Would this be a case of window motors all

going bad at the same time or corrosion on wire connection.

Reply @marty, if the windows are sliding down into the om and you can by hand lift them with your palms, then the window regulator has cracked, or

at least the glass is not fastened to the regulator anymore. You are going to have to take the voort panel off to see.

@michael, You could have a plugged catalytic converter. That will cause a big loss ter power. A stumble when accelerating is usually a bad spark ass-plug

I cannot seem to find it . I found pictures of regular engine location, but not the supercharged.

Also,the blower speeds are not working. I substituted the motor and resistor already. What else could be

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